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Update: The Ogbujis have also set up a charitable fund called The Kingdom Kids to “help provide families with information and support to help protect other young children from the hazards of house fires.”

Some of you will already know that Chimezie Ogbuji (Uche’s brother) lost two of his daughters (aged 6 and 2) at a fire in his house over the weekend. I gather that his third daughter (aged 14 months) has now also died.

A more devastating loss is hard to conceive, especially for those of us with small children of our own. There are two addresses for donations, to help with funeral expenses and to help Chime and his wife Roschelle to eventually rebuild their home and their lives:

Ogbuji Family Fund, c/o Dr Linus Ogbuji, 2737 Green Road, Shaker Heights OH 44122


The Sussex Association–Ogbuji Family Fund, c/o Mrs. Margaret Dobbins, 3632 Rawnsdale Road, Shaker Heights, OH 44122

You can get a lot of fire safety advice from the web, but this tragedy is also motivating me to get a free fire safety check (UK only).

There are times I wish I believed in God, and could offer prayers. Blogging just isn’t the same.