Jeni's XSLT Utilities

This page is an index to some utilities that I've created that you may find useful within your stylesheets.

Unit Testing

The unit testing package helps you embed unit tests within your stylesheet and run them with a single command.

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SVG Utility

The SVG utility is designed to help you to embed the SVG images that you generate using XSLT into an HTML page.

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XSLTDoc Application

The XSLTDoc Application helps you to browse and understand XSLT stylesheets. It shows summaries of stylesheets and explains each XSLT instruction in detail (if not in very good English!).

The XSLTDoc Application is in Beta: please let me know of any problems that you encounter with it, or any suggestions for enhancing it. I'm afraid there isn't any documentation at present; download the zip file, unzip it and load xslt-doc.xsl into IE5.5 with MSXML3 installed in replace mode. You will be prompted to name the stylesheet to view using it.

My thanks to those who sent comments on the previous version of XSLTDoc and tried it out on some really tough XPaths, especially Edmund Mitchell.

Markup Utility

The Markup Utility is a utility for finding and changing words and phrases within some text. You can use it to:

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Select Parameters Utility

The Select Parameters Utility helps you create dynamic web pages. You can use it to let users of your webpages select the parameters that they want to apply within the stylesheet.

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